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“Everything that deserves to be done, deserves to be done well”

this is always been the task of the Tabaroni family, the owners of D’Avant Garde Tricot, a Company that has gained a long-standing experience - more than 50 years - as fine yarns knitwear producer, thanks to with their fleet of more than 180 knitting machines.

Researched cashmere yarns, exclusive raw materials and specific techniques are the cornerstones of their collection, named Tabaroni Cashmere.

Totally produced by their machines with the best italian yarns - the company controls every step of the production of each item - the collection aims to give a tribute to feminine beauty and craftsmanship's excellence; cashmere is obviously the heart of the collection and the creative starting point that season after season makes an aesthetic statement. The win- ning concepts are attention to detail, quality and unprecedented and sought-after workmanship.

Tabaroni cashmere’s style is elegant and attentive to details, with a relaxed elegance and a fresh and young attitude which looks to the needs of the contemporary, dynamic woman who loves a wardrobe that is both comfortable and special.

Natural colors and sophisticated finishes outline a playful and lighthearted dimension of leisure and wellbeing, through the chromatic balance of earthly tones and vibrant hues, often mixed to knitting effects and distinctive graphics. 

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