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“Everyone can dress fashionably, but it is the style that renders a person truly unique”. Elisa Fanti strives to make every woman feel special, elegant, seductive and fashionable on every occasion. Precious materials, high quality fabrics, exclusive prints and perfect finishing touches characterize these entirely "Made in Italy" creations. Distinctive features include sophisticated embroideries and precious details that make each and every dress a true work of art.

The brand boasts three different ladies clothing lines: "Couture" is perfect for a glamorous and fancy lady, "Pret-à-Porter" is an elegant, still dynamic eye-catcher, very much in tune with the newest trends. "Chérie", the latest of the three, is designed keeping in mind a very young and trend-setting public.

For Elisa Fanti beauty and class should form an integral part of every woman's life; this is the reason why their sizes (from 38 to 58)  graciously fit and complement a variety of shapes.

CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 1
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 5
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s)
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 2
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 6
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 7
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 4
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 3
CHERIE-AI1819-bassa (glissé(e)s) 8
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