Fuchs Lejeune 

35 Chaussée de Charleroi 1060 Bruxelles Belgique

Email: fuchslejeune@gmail.com

Tél.: 02/6405424 - Fax: 02/6408278

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An exemplary Italian.

A story made up of passion, success and people.

This is the story of LE FATE, a company founded more than fifteen years ago with human characteristics since it is strongly rooted on a “brand” and in a family that produces total-look women garment collections of the medium-high segment MADE IN ITALY.


The line is intended for a dynamic, curious woman, who follows fashion but with personal style.

A fresh collection, with dynamic colors enriched by exclusive patterns, which fits perfectly with market requirements.

The strengths of the consolidated company are the careful choice of materials and attention to all steps of the manufacturing process. Fundamental characteristics for excellent MADE IN ITALY.